Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The future direction of programming languages?

A friend of mine pointed me to this great post of a technical session presented by Anders Hejlsberg at TechDays 2010.  I my opinion this is the guy that changed Microsoft's tools direction dramatically when he left Borland for Microsoft.  At that time he was "the guy" responsible for much of the success of Borland who was at that time a clear winner in the developer tools race. (again, my opinion)

TechDays 2010 - Developer Keynote by Anders Hejlsberg

The keynote is about trends in the future direction of programming languages.  His overview of imperative, declarative and functional programming is very good and he also dives into Static vs. Dynamic programming languages and spins a future where these two approaches are melted together.  All in all I found the entire session worth watching.  Enjoy!