Thursday, November 19, 2009

An apology

After many years I have finally decided to try some kind of regular routine to capture thoughts that might be useful to others. I was reminded to do this once again after slogging my way through a Ruby on Rails issue looking for information about how to configure something on Windows. I found some of the information I needed but not all and it took some piecing things together to arrive at a solution. Unfortunately, not documented well enough to post just yet but it will be coming shortly. All of this to was the lead in to say that I have used many blog postings, news groups, user forums and the like over the last 24 years of developing software. I am ashamed to say that I have contributed very little back into the collective during that time. I have helped many developers one on one (some of them will find this post amusing) over those years, however, those of you out there I don't know have seen a benefit for anything I've done. Here's my apology and hopefully the start of some real contributions.

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