Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fiddle me this Batman!

I've been working in Internet Explorer land lately.  This is primarily due to contract work on a SharePoint project where the client really only cares about IE working well. (at least for now)   So for all of you Firefox users out there who (like me) are use to have Firebug at your finger tips it can be a little mind numbing to be without a way to see the HTTP traffic in all it's glory.  That's where Fiddler comes in to play!  In fact, it might just replace Firebug altogether for me.  I like the stand alone process approach.  So far Fiddler is footing the bill.  If you're looking for a good Web debugging Proxy that is free then you should give it a try.


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  1. Having to deal with IE for projects I am working on, I have found that the Developer Tools found in IE8 gives me almost everything I need. Don't worry if you need IE7 support, you can switch the DOM to use IE7 simply by pressing F12 to get into IE Dev Tools and choosing Browser Mode to IE7.

    If you need more FireBug-like functionality, I use FireBug Lite Bookmarklet tool (works in Safari/Chrome too):